Nihang Singh Camp 2014

With the kirpa of Sahib Sri Guru Nanak-Gobind Singh and Adi Guru, Dasam Guru, Sarbloh Guru Darbar and the Guru Khalsa Panth.

The first Akali Nihang Singh retreat is coming to the UK on 29-Aug-2014 to 1-Sep-2014 !!!!!


Living the Nihang Singh Lifestyle and learning the Nihang Singh Way Camping over the period of 3 night and 4 day, learning about the outdoors and essential survival skills and basic bush craft as Nihangs Singh, Learn to Cook and prep food on wood fires (bibek) outdoors, Learn the traditions and lifestyle of Sikh Warriors

With various activities to refine your skills


  • Marksman Shooting Workshop, The session starts with rifle safety in the field, then we move onto how to stalk prey and how to hunt safely on silhouetted targets in realistic settings.

  • Bush craft course, where you will be taught basic survival skills for the outdoors from fire lighting to shelter building and learn about edible wild plants.

  •  Nature awareness . In this course we will discuss living in the countryside and the need to manage various groups of animals. We will also cover silent movement, bird language and achieving baseline. The effect of this course is profound and will change the way that people interact with animals and the countryside.

  • Full bore Rifle and field target shooting, refine your shooting skills with a combination of Rim-fire and Full bore rifles.

  • Archery, learn how to shoot a Re-curve bow and improve your hand and eye co-ordination.

  • GATKA / SHASTRAVIDIA – By Master Ranjit Singh from India with over 25 years teaching Dals in India, Student of Baba Pritham Singh Nihang, and Baba Giana Singh ‘Rab’ also in attendance Bhai Rajwinder Singh and Bhai Sukhdarshan Singh

  • Senior Associate Instructor of KALI – Harminder Singh

  • Katha on Gurbani by a number of prominent Jathedars, Gatka teachers, and Gianis from the Dal Panth in India, who have confirmed their attendance

  •  Heritage Lecture by Gurinder Singh Mann (The Dasam Granth and Khalsa, also lecture about history of the Nihang Singhs), Dasam Granth: The Granth of the Khalsa. Gurinder Singh explains the significance and importance of Guru Gobind Singh’s bani using 300 years of Sikh history. Mann shows that Dasam Bani is intrinsic to the Khalsa and Sikhi collapses without the Majestic Granth. Handwritten manuscripts, relics will be shown in this presentation.The Sikh Commandos: Akali Nihang History is Khalsa history. Gurinder Singh Mann using historical anecdotes shows how the Nihangs saved not only the Sikhs but India from hordes of invaders. The principles, ideas and rituals of the Akalis were laid down by Sri Guru Gobind Singh. The Sikh reform movements not only challenged Sikhs but threw these principle away. Mann shows that Nihang principles are widespread in Sikhi and can
    still be seen.

  • Raag Kirtan of Adi, Dasam and Sarbloh Gurbani by Ragi Harminder Singh Nihang

  • Tabla from the students of Ustad Tari Khan of the Guru-Nanak Bhai Mardana Rababi tradition

  • AMRIT SANCHAR, Be initiated into the Guru-Khalsa Panth infront of Adi, Dasam, and Sarbloh by tyar bar tyar Nihang Singhs from India.

  • Puratan Shaster Display and expert talks, Parkash of Puratan Saroops of Adi,Dasam and Sabloh Granths.

  • There will be an exhibition by the great Sikh war artist Jason Askew.


  1. Eric Schflang owner of Yvoir films, on the Nihangs Singhs, and his work on female infanticide for the Panjab Cultural Association.

  2. Nav Singh Kandola is an independent filmmaker with 20 years’ experience filming in the UK, with his film “The Nihangs – A Secret History of the Sikhs”

What’s included:

  • Camp-site accommodation and limited indoor rooms for the elderly, mothers and children available on request.

  • ALL activities and presentations listed above.

  • Bibek Langar, food and drinks.

  • Transport to and from activates as required from Camp-site.

  • Free transport to and from the Camp leaves from Southall / Heathrow area.


From £96 – £180 per person depending on accommodation and activities.

Mother & child crèche facilities and activities.


Hampshire New Forest

Nihang Singh Camp Application Form / Check List / Terms & Conditions Link Below 

Nihang Singh Camp 2014 Application Form

Terms and Conditions for the Nihang Singh Camp 2014

Nihang Singh Camp 2014 Check List (Things To Bring)

Any Questions or Queries Please E-mail to :


This is a NON-Profit event, Any profits to be used for supporting innocent Singhs Jailed in India and their families.

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