Balbir Singh makes false allegations against Baba Surjit Singh

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On Vaisakhi 2007, there is a clash and Balbir Singh makes false allegations against Baba Surjit Singh. Asked Baba Surjit Singh to renounce his Jathedari of the Dal Panth.

May 8, 2007

DAMDAMA SAHIB (TALWANDI SABO): Three weeks after a clash between two groups of Baba Budha Dal of Nihangs at Takht Damdama Sahib on April 15, the tension once again gripped the town on Monday when all efforts of the district administration and the police to affect a compromise between the warring factions failed. Since Saturday, the administration is working on a peace formula between two groups of Nihangs who are fighting for the control of the Baba Budha Dal. Surjit Singh, who is leading one of the faction, is in Bathinda Central Jail for the last three weeks after he allegedly made a murderous attack on Balbir Singh, the leader of other group on April 15, during the Baisakhi mela at the Takht Damdama Sahib.

Since the arrest of Surjit Singh, the district administration and police are facing an upheaval task in reining in hundreds of supporters of Surjit Singh as they some time sit on a dharna in front of central jail, or lead a protest march to the local courts or the district police office.For the last three weeks, this group is camping in good strength in front of Civil Hospital, Bathinda. They have put up their kitchen and tents alongside the road. Now, the district administration is apprehending more trouble on May 10 when both groups of Nihangs have decided to organise parallel path bhog in the memory of Chet Singh, a former head of Baba Budha Dal.The parallel programmes can once again mount tension between both groups so heavy police force have already been deployed in Talwandi Sabo. Sources revealed after intervention by the district administration, two days back there was a compromise between Surjit Singh and Balbir Singh group. Under the compromise, the attempt of murder charges against Surjit Singh were to be dropped and he was to make the head of horse wing of the Baba Budha Dal but on Monday the Surjit Singh group backtracked from the compromise. For the last over one year, tension is prevailing in Baba Budha Dal for inheriting the headship of the dera as the present dera chief Baba Santa Singh is keeping good health. This war of attrition between Baba Balbir Singh and Surjit Singh over the headship of dera led to division and attack on Balbir Singh on April 15 was an outcome of this rivalry.Balbir Singh says he would drop murder charges if Baba Surjit Singh would give up his Jathedari of Buddha Dal’.

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