Balbir Singh alleges more shots fired at him 14 January 2009

Baba Santa Singh leaves his physical frame

Through many Nihang Singh sects where fights over property have led to murders, bloody fights, use of guns and swords by people dressed in traditional Khalsa robes — images  that go worldwide hardly inspiring the world to look at the community for its suaveness and enterprising spirit. The ongoing turf war over land and resources between two groups of Budha Dal led to a bloo dy attack on the convoy of Dal chief Baba Balbir Singh near Baghi Bandar village in Bathinda on Tuesday. A security guard was injured as some nihangs fired at the cavalcade. Balbir Singh himself escaped unhurt. Injured gunman Paramjit Singh was later admitted at a hospital in Talwandi Sabo and was stated to be out of danger. Thousands of nihangs in Punjab are affiliated to the two groups and property worth crores is at stake. Police have got into the act and a case of an attempt to murder was registered against rival faction chief Surjit Singh and 23 others. The convoy was attacked from a liquor vend while Balbir Singh and his supporters were on way to Muktsar to attend the Magha Mela. Balbir Singh was traveling in a bullet proof vehicle. Budha Dal had split in June last year following the death of Baba Santa Singh, a controversial figure himself. Both groups elected separate chiefs and sought recognition and backing from powers that be. Power struggle between Balbir Singh and Surjit Singh has been so intense that four member of Baba Balbir Singh group were killed in a clash with their rivals two year back at Baba Budha Dal premises in Patiala. Among those killed included Baba Assa Singh, father of Balbir Singh. Now, Baba Balbir Singh has demanded Z-plus security cover for himself. He has already filed a writ petition seeking such a security cover. Holla_mohalla_2012A00010

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