A legal document outlining the allegations against Baba Surjit Singh and his Jatha

A legal document outlining the allegations against Baba Surjit Singh by Balbir Singh party,  please note that Blabir Singh was also on bail. Two of the main witnesses one of them Darshan Singh have now died due to undue pressure by Balbir Singh to change their stories and alcoholism. Both were known the Police and wanted for murders in the Haryana State.

darshan singh

Darshan Singh has died and was a witness for Balbir Singh.

Shamsher Singh And Others vs State Of Punjab on 2 September, 2009

Criminal Misc. No.M-23548 of 2009 (O&M) 1 In the High Court of Punjab and Haryana at Chandigarh Criminal Misc. No.M-23548 of 2009 (O&M) Date of decision: 2.9. 2009

Shamsher Singh and others……Petitioners


State of Punjab…….Respondent


Present: Mr.Gurcharan Singh, Advocate, for the petitioners.

Petitioners have filed this petition under Section 439 of the Code of Criminal Procedure for grant of regular bail in case FIR No. 209 dated 21.9.2007, under Sections 302/ 307/ 326/ 325/ 148/ 149 of the Indian Penal Code and Section 25 of the Arms Act registered at Police Station Civil Lines, Patiala. FIR in this case was registered on the basis of statement Criminal Misc. No.M-23548 of 2009 (O&M) 2 of Darshan Singh. The contents of the FIR as reproduced in para 2 of the petition read as under:-

“Stated that I am resident of the above address. I have been made as Incharge of Baghichi Baba Budha Dal, Lower Mall, Patiala by Balbir Singh, who has been made as Jathedar of Budha Dal by Jathedar Baba Santa Singh, Head 96 Karori, Budha Dal. I was sitting outside the room of Jathedar Baba Santa Singh for looking after him along with Assa Singh s/o Dara Singh, Jagdish Singh s/o Bala Assa Singh, Bhajan Singh s/o Assa Singh, Karamjit Singh s/o Bhajan Singh, Vishav Partap Singh s/o Dara Singh, Balbir Singh s/o Baba Kirpal Singh, resident of Patiala, Nihang Surjit Singh s/o Wazir Singh, resident of Patiala because Baba Santa Singh being Sick from long time used to reside at Baghichi Baba Budha Dal, Patiala. Today at about 5.00 P.M. Udey Singh @ Paramjit Singh s/o Sohan Singh resident of Tej Colony, Patiala armed with pistol, Gurkirpal Singh @ Pannu s/o Udey Singh armed with 315 bore rifle, Manjit Kaur wife of Udey Singh armed with pistol, Manpreet Kaur @ Bawa d/o Udey Singh armed with kirpal who attacked Baba Assa Singh who had fallen. Surjit Singh s/o Karam Singh r/o Marron, P.S. Sadar, Batala, Incharge of Horses Budha Dal armed with 12 bore rifle, Kikar Singh s/o Nihang Singh armed Criminal Misc. No.M-23548 of 2009 (O&M) 3 with 315 bore, Dharam Singh s/o Mangal Singh r/o Kande Kalan, P.S.Sardulgarh armed with 12 bore, Ranjha Singh Nihang r/o Jawahar Ke Kalan, District Mansa armed with 12 bore, Paramjit Singh @ Shaheed r/o Gujjarwal, P.S.Dehlon, armed with 315 bore, Kala Singh s/o Tara Singh, Sikligar r/o Nabha Gate, Patiala, runs a shop of swords armed with Mauze, Major Singh r/o Dugga, District Sangrur armed with 12 bore, Sukhdev Singh @ Fauji Nihang armed with 12 bore, Balwinder Singh Nihang who lives at Delhi armed with sword, Ram Singh Sewadar armed with 12 bore, Dhada Singh Nihang who lives with Surjit Singh armed with sword, Sukhdev Singh @ Balbir Singh armed with sword, Jasbir Singh, Sukhdev Singh, r/o village Raipur Talwandi Sabo armed by SS BL 12 bore, Baba Shaheed Singh s/o Samma Singh r/o Mari Bhuchian, P.S.Sri Hargobindpur armed with khanda Kartar s/o Arjan Caste Jat r/o Bhallran, P.S. Nawan Gaon, District Mohali armed with sword, Ranjit Singh s/o Kartar Singh r/o Balamgarh, Patiala armed with sword and 15/20 other persons to whom I can recognize on coming in front of me by common intention came to us and said that Baba Balbir Singh be brought out from inside then I said to them that Baba Balbir Singh of village Sur Singhwala has gone to Amritsar where there was Criminal Misc. No.M-23548 of 2009 (O&M) 4 mela of Baba Bidhi Chand and then they said to us about Baba Santa Singh that we would take away Baba Santa Singh then in the meanwhile we tried to stop them then Udey Singh @ Paramjit Singh, his wife and his daughter were leading all of them and said as to now what are you seeing then Udey Singh and his son Gurkirpal Singh @ Pannu raised a lalkara in a high pitched voice that today all Nihang Singh\’s of Balbir Singh\’s Group be not spared and then Udey Singh @ Paramjit Singh and Nihang Singh\’s accompanying him by common intention started firing indiscriminately which Gurkirpal Singh @ Pannu armed by him, Karamjit Singh s/o Bhajan Singh and Udey Singh armed by then fired at Jagdish Singh and remaining companions Udey Singh and Surjit Singh armed by their weapons armed by them made direct firing on Jagdish Singh s/o Assa Singh, Assa Singh s/o Dara Singh. During firing we made firing in the air for our safety and used dangs and sticks and there was chaos amongst them. In the above said chaos some ammunition and Kirpans, vehicles Scorpio, Indica Car, number of which were entered later on, Ceilo Car and one Jeep were left at the spot and the above said accused ran away after taking some ammunition and kirpans and son of Udey Criminal Misc. No.M-23548 of 2009 (O&M) 5 Singh ran away along with his mother and sister in the Scoda Car. The cause of grievance was that Udey Singh @ Paramjit Singh wanted to make successor of Baba Santa Singh Jathedar whereas Baba Santa Singh Jathedar has made Baba Balbir Singh s/o Shri Assa Singh r/o Baghichi Baba Santa Singh, Chhauni Budha Dal 96 Karori as his successor/heir. They have caused many injuries with their weapons on my body by their arms and Jagdish Singh s/o Assa Singh, Assa Singh s/o Dara Singh, Karamjit Singh s/o Bhajan Singh, Bhajan Singh s/o Assa Singh by arranging vehicles got me admitted at R.H. Patiala in the injured condition where I am under treatment and about remaining above said persons I came to know at R.H.Patiala that all those persons have died.\” After hearing learned counsel for the petitioners, I am of the opinion that no ground for grant of bail to the petitioners is made out.During investigation of the case, statement of Vishav Partap Singh was recorded and he had named petitioners Virsa Singh and Kehar Singh in his statement. Petitioner Shamsher Singh was named by Baldev Singh, when his statement was recorded under Section 161 of the Code of Criminal Procedure during investigation of the case. In the alleged occurrence Assa Singh, Jagdish Singh, Bhajan Singh and Karamjit Singh had been murdered Criminal Misc. No.M-23548 of 2009 (O&M) 6 and two persons had suffered injuries.Keeping in view the seriousness of offence alleged to have been committed by the petitioners, no ground for grant of bail is made out.Accordingly, this petition is dismissed. (SABINA)September 02, 2009

Amrit singh jaura

Punjab-Haryana High Court

Baba Balbir Singh

State Of Punjab on 15 January, 2010

Crl. Misc. No. M-1201 of 2010


Crl. Misc. No. M-1201 of 2010

DATE OF DECISION: January 15, 2010

Baba Balbir Singh ………PETITIONER(S) VERSUS State of Punjab ……RESPONDENT(S)\r\nCORAM: HON ‘BLE MR. JUSTICE AJAI LAMBA\r\nPresent: Mr. R.S. Bains, Advocate, for the petitioner. AJAI LAMBA, J. (ORAL) This petition has been filed under Section 439(1) Cr.P.C. for interim bail to the petitioner in case FIR No. 84 dated 29.06.2009 under Sections 121/121-A/123/153/153-A/120-B IPC and Sections 3/4/5 of the Explosives Act and Sections 10/13 of the Unlawful Activities Act, P.S. Raikot, District Ludhiana. Learned counsel for the petitioner contends that being the Head of the Institution, the petitioner be allowed interim bail for attending Jor Mela in Gurudwara from 18th to 20th January, 2010. It transpires that charge has already been framed. The allegations against the petitioner as noticed in order Annexure P-3 are of serious and grave nature. Allegation is of hatching the conspiracy.’

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